The aim of our service is to provide a high quality capturing 3D internal structures and predicting complex processes on-going within the structures. Initial scans are always free; we will demonstrate our capabilities on a trial basis and create a partnership with you, for your needs.

What is CT @ SIMBIOS?

μSIMCT TeamCT @ SIMBIOS offers unrivalled expertise in capturing and quantifying the interior 3D structure of a wide range of materials. Using high resolution x-ray tomography coupled with advanced software, μSIMCT is able to capture the interior structure of materials, quantify pores, defects, bone architecture and predict and measure a wide range of functions: permeability, fluid intrusion and retention. We can resolve features down to 1 μm resolution and differentiate between composite materials.

Montage of μSIMCT ImagesCT @ SIMBIOS is a unique service offering a ‘capture to prediction’ capability. Already recognised as leaders in using and developing μCT, our services are available to academics and industrial partners at competitive rates.

CT @ SIMBIOS is part of the SIMBIOS Centre of Excellence and thus has an impressive team of experienced and successful experimentalists and modellers supporting its activities.

Current Projects

current projects include:

  1. Spatio-temporal analysis of soil-microbe interactions.
  2. Developing hardware and software to detect decay in teeth.
  3. Analysis of metallic foams
  4. Analysis of termite mounds in relation to Rapid Manufacturing.
  5. Decay of carbon deposits.
  6. Fungal intrusion in wood.
  7. Analysis of carbon filters for Fuel Cell development.
  8. Microbially induced calcite (natural cements) in porous media.

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